Join me on Facebook for some March Madness (without the balls)

It's the month of March. I'm not into sports, but I'm definitely into madness.

Also, organizational charts. And death matches.

I'm not one to let basketball have all the good things. So throughout the month of March, I'll be creating a competitive bracket of pithy quotes from past, present and future @ Little Spiral @ songs.

Every other day I'll pit two quotes against each other in this open Facebook group, where you can vote for one of the two you'd want to see as my next merchandise item.

Like a quote = 1 point.

Share a quote = 2 points.

Vote before the next face-off is posted. The totals will be tallied on this pretty bracket right here.

The ultimate winner gets turned into @ Little Spiral @ stickers and T-shirts. You can see what I've already done for the Arrive quote in my store.

Will you pick the super-sweet love quote? The bizarre, dystopian one? The one that took you a second but when you got it you really really got it? Or will you pick that one I put in there just to see if anyone would vote for it, you sad, sad human being?

Whatever your case may be, come and join the @ Little Spiral @ "Quote" [Bracket]. And may the odds ever be in your favor!