Join My 1st Patron Google Hangout - Q&A, Live Tutorial And More!
As promised, everyone giving $5+, will be invited to a monthly Google Hangout with me! It's been a full month and as I've not been that well this week, I hope you'll forgive me as I postpone this months hangout to next Saturday September 5th. We'll have another toward the end of September! Super excited to have you join me! On this first, hour-long hangout, I'll be filming in my studio where we'll take time to get to know each other better and maybe even do tutorials on the spot or talk spiritual matters. This is our time to connect! Hope you'll be able to join me! I'll record so you can review it later. Anyone still wanting to get in on the fun can adjust their giving or join through Friday. Can you please comment below, what part of the world you'll want to tune in on, so we can set a time that suits the majority of us, best? See you soon!