Join my Discord server!

I just created a patrons-only server on Discord! All of my patrons ($1 to $10) can join it. Here's Patreon's instruction to get your Discord role.

*You will lose access to your discord roles on my server automatically when you cancel a pledge.

It's my first time to create a server on Discord and I had to do some settings for connecting to Patreon. Can you please let me know if my server works well?? 🙏

I have 4 channels in my server so far

It would be great if you could post your self introduction (name, nickname, job, hobby, anything is fine!) when you join the server.

My goal is to have a place where people feel comfortable to chat with other people in Japanese. (But you can post in English, too!)

Not only talking with people in Japanese but also writing Japanese in front of other people should help to improve your Japanese skills a lot. (That's why I ask you to use chat function in my live lessons, too) Twitter helped me to improve my English. But you know there're mean people on Twitter and I had some bad experiences, too. Someone shared my tweet just because my English was strange/funny or something like that. So I can't say Twitter is the best place to practice Japanese...

Since I started live lessons in March, the atmosphere has been very nice. (Thank you so much for being kind!!) Hopefully my Discord server will become a place like "after school" for my live lessons and podcast. ☺️ 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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