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Let me take a moment to explain what we are doing here. We are creating a movement based strategy card game, sure, but what does that mean?

To break it down 

We find ourselves at the edge of our galaxy surviving off of whatever resources you can muster to keep your population alive, healthy and growing. Long gone are the days of a single planet society. We now expand multiple systems and our need for raw materials grows with each new colony. 

Unfortunately the same can be said for all the other races out there. They will fight tooth and nail for their unquenchable thrust for resources and territory. 

It's time to take command of your fleet, bolster it's defenses and lay traps for your ever present enemy. When the time is right deploy your fighters and let your foe feel the wrath of your species!

Fleet Calamity takes collectible card game basics with elements of chess and battle ships. You'll need to stock your Flotilla with vessels, give them upgrades to boost their power or abilities and then maneuver your ships to deal devastating blows to your opponent.

Each faction has their own strategy which you can manipulate further with how you construct your deck. 

Fleet Calamity aims to give you a fun, beautiful and thought provoking strategy game while also not nickle and diming you. Instead of asking you to buy cards to build your deck we take a different approach. After each battle, win or lose, you'll be rewarded with new cards. Winners will have a chance for rarer cards and slightly more cards. Losers however will still earn cards, but not rare cards. This allows every one to still tweak their deck, devise a strategy and not be stuck with a potential losing deck every time.

My name is Matthew and I'm the game designer at Half Heart Games and creator of Fleet Calamity. Along with Tristan, our programmer and all the artists who have been helping develop this game we humbly ask you to join us on this journey into the stars and the far reaches of space. Help us create a brand new style of game and make it the strongest it can be. 

Thank you, from me and all of us at Half Heart Games.

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