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35 years experience.  Bible College graduate.  100,000 hours Bible study.  400 videos.  12 books.  Regular guest on Coast to Coast AM.  All this means nothing if no one hears the message.  I'm doing all I can to shine light into the dark corners of Orthodoxy and bring you the information and understanding that has been hidden for the last 2,000 years.  The only thing limiting this research is money. Join the Crusade. Be part of the Cause. Join my exclusive community of UNindoctrinators! Together we can do more.  Picture weekly research and discovery treks on site at the great spiritual, paranormal, and sites of alternative interest. I will take you with me via video. WE can make this happen when YOU help. How many years did we 'tithe' into a mind control system? What would happen if we did the same to this avenue of enlightenment? How many can we help UNIDOCTRINATE?  I appreciate your time and attention.  Find out more about me at