Join Us for the Next Live Stream!
Hey, Explorers! 

The next live stream is on Sunday, October 1 at 11:00 (Japan Time). We'll be using the built in live stream feature within Patreon. It worked well last time. 

This is a monthly reward for those pledging $5 or more. If you'd like to attend and ask any burning questions, make sure you're pledge is $5 or above! You'll get notified when the stream goes live.

I moved the day and time in hopes more people are able to attend. Click on the link below to see what time and day this is for you. 

For those that are unable to attend, I'll attempt to record it with the Patreon Live Stream feature and have it available to watch at a later date.

Bring your questions as you have me for a full hour to answer them! It can be about any of the Disney Parks in Asia or just travel in general.