Join us on Discord!
Carmen and I set up this live chat to help connect people to each other - and to us - by popular request from out Tumblr blog. 

While there is not much conversation directed by Carmen and I at this point, after I gain a certain amount of followers, I will start using discord as another way to give back with open discussions from my Patrons. As well as have dedicated times and roles in the group for Magick Makers, Unicorns, and Faery Godmothers. 

Join the discussion now to see some of the things we answer. Use the #urgent #general and #question tags to get into direct contact with me. Let me know you are interested in supporting!!! 

This is one simple way to join the conversation and see if you support my work and how I do things!!! 

Here is the link to our discord (I am @MMCurtis):

See ya there - :)