Joliet Star Wars Day
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Partially in thanks to your support, I was able to attend Joliet Public Library Star Wars Day, a major event that drew about 10,000 Star Wars fans! Guests included 150 or so Cosplayers from groups like the 501st, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, and Dark Empire, and authors like myself, John Jackson Miller, and Adam Bray. We also had a few artists, including legendary Dave Dorman! 

While the event provided for my hotel room, there was still a fair bit of transportation costs and food costs, while I can go ahead and say you guys covered! Thanks so much! I brought an extra GM with me (friend Dave Gagnon), and between the two of us, we ran about 100 kids aged 4-12 through their very first tabletop RPG experience. 

The kids were great players, picked up the game in moments, and had a blast. One girl of about 9, Abby, was one of the more creative players. She was playing a Spy Duros from the beginner box (but she used the Ace token, because she didn't want to be a "weird alien"). I tasked the kids with sneaking an illegal shipment of bootleg video games from their hangar to the cantina across town (Using the Tatooine beginner box city map). Only the stormtroopers were aware of their plans, and were combing the city. Abby ambushed a stormtrooper, took his armor, snuck into the hangar control room, sliced a computer, and ordered 500 space pizzas and charged them to Darth Vader's credit card.

She had them delivered to an out of the way part of town, so all the stormtroopers would be distracted by the pizza party thrown for them by Lord Vader. Her team was able to sneak most of the way across town without anyone the wiser, until her disguise failed her. The ensuing shootout wasn't enough to stop them from completing their mission, though. 

Of the 100 or so kids, I have to imagine at least a few will become lifelong RPG players, which is why I particularly enjoy doing library events. Getting kids into games like this at a younger age has a tendency to make them not just gamers but also readers, for life. When's the last time you introduced a young person to a tabletop RPG? 

All photo credit to Steve Greenwood of Wookieepedia!
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