Jolteon and Flareon
Here's two more of my Pokemon postcards. I will be doing Espeon today and that will be it for the eeveelutions. I will not be doing the newer ones like leafeon - I'm kinda old old school when it comes to which Pokemon I like; I've been a fan ever since I was 10 years old (way before Pokemon go) and the older the Pokemon the more importance it has for me. Anyways, I'll have about two or three more postcards to finish after I'm done with Espeon, so if you guys have any opinion about what Pokemon I should draw on those last few postcards let me know! :) I'll be recording painting Espeon today and will turn it into a speed painting video. Also, I released a "favorite art supplies" video last Monday on my YouTube channel. Link to my channel is on my profile. Have a great day! Xoxo, Kayla