Jones vs. Jones: Spacesuits
On the left: Eddie Jones artwork for Stewart Cowley's 1980 book The Space Warriors. On the right: Peter Andrew Jones artwork, found in his 1990 art collection Solar Wind, but created earlier.

The similarity in the spacesuit design and pose was pointed out to me by Instagram follower very_little_gravitas_indeed, who wondered which came first. I looked into it. 

Here's what one site has to say about The Space Warriors and its "mostly inferior" art: "Indeed, many pieces are derived, almost directly, from better known sci-fi pieces of the era. A roster of lesser know artists contribute, with most of the artwork provided by British 'fan-artist' Eddie Jones."

Looks like this may be evidence of that direct derivation! I'm closing the case.

Additional reading: Some selections of Eddie Jones' work, and selections from Peter Andrew Jones' Solar Wind