Joseph and the Bear Hat (May 2017, Song 3) - Downsizing

I recorded this for @macaronique's song request earlier today...got all the way up to the mixing stage, and then my recorder said NOPE. Turns out that, as usual, I'd forgotten to defrag the memory (which I'm supposed to do every few months), so I lost 75% of the song. Hooray old tech!

So this my second complete recording of "Downsizing" today. It's a somewhat obscure song off Moxy Früvous's final full-length album. As relevant as it was in 1999, it's (sadly) exponentially more relevant now.

A word about Jian, in case you haven't heard me talk about this (which I do frequently): 

I've seen Früvous more than any other band (two dozen shows). Although they stopped touring in 2001, they frequently played Upstate NY and Canada. I attended any concert within 4 hours of me, as well as Frucons 2 through 4. I met most of the band, including Jian.

I was as shocked as anyone when the story broke. I think we all agree that Jian the human is awful, but Moxy  Früvous as a band is very near and dear to me. I taught myself how to sing by listening to Bargainville, and as a high schooler, they helped teach me that being weird was OK. So this cover is not intended to endorse the actions of Jian (which I have condemned from the beginning), but I hope it's a faithful tribute to a band that I still love very much.  

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