is a daily diary, hence the name of the journal;

log is written continuously without a break and without a think... that because scenarios and especially mental blockages that are on the body should be brought to light, for their awareness and thus free us ...;

diary is like living for a few minutes or hours on top of a mountain, far away from the city ...;

journal just write, not read because it means living in the present and not the past;

journal is a technology that allows us to use semi-meditation to meditation, mediation us access to which must be 24h 24h ... by shrink film speed mentally and so we are able to acknowledge the truth about what we, responses ourselves ...;

log help us materialize our scenarios; continuously so we have agreement on another script and old scenarios we can easily forget them ... tehnolgia to forget is the possibility of a scenario to reach the physical from the mental ... So you decrease the vibration of the few trillion hertz to several hertz ... so not good by reading an old diary that scenario in mind if you bring it reset and it resumes the mental to the physical path ... plus if it was different problems we upload them again and again we will be doing ... by living in the present not in the past ...

log is a communication channel ... so writing, sending a message to a person that we want to communicate even if the moment we are not aware of communication ... through what we are going to see that talk... that person answer whit you write next ...;

log mean our agreement for better access to sincerely ... obviously, no matter how honest we ... we see that the next day was the beginning of a more normal sincerity, true ... a bright future :)

log in rhythmicity form a line of light, and thus, "I am the way, truth and life" will be a revelation that we could live, realize ...; this light attracts evolved spirits, angels will guide us on our way in everyday life.