Journal Entry- March 25, 2017
Something came up today. A big something that I have seen and addressed in others, but have been to scared of admitting in myself.

It's the fact that my life, and my art is being controlled by the thought of "why would anyone want to hear what I say?"

I have come to believe in myself that my words, my thoughts, and my art are unnecessary, unwanted, resented. And the truth of those thoughts is this: My words are necessary. My thoughts are wanted. My Art is Welcome.

I so often fall into self-sabotage and procrastination because "if I try and fail, what's the point?" 

But To Fail is To Learn. 

To try and fail is to learn and grow.

If I never try, I will never gain, I will never speak, I will never bloom.

I want to gain. I want to grow. I want to bloom.

I will speak. People will listen. People want to listen. And those who don't want to listen will leave, and that is okay.

I won't be alone.