Journal Prompts & Affirmations for Expanding Your Sense of Possibility

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AFFIRMATIONS to say or repeatedly write:

🖤 The Universe is Infinite and so are the possibilities. 

🖤 I am a magnet for portals, pathways and possibilities!

🖤 Anything is possible when I'm around!

🖤 I carry infinite possibilities with me, wherever I go.

🖤 I tap into the infinite fountain of potent possibility. 

🖤 I don't know everything and I can't see what's going on under the surface - things could possibly be working out in my favor. 

🖤 It's safe to not know everything! It's okay!

🖤 Possibility rains upon me!

🖤I can be prepared for the worst - and still place my focus & energy on the best. 

🖤 If there's one thing I know - it's that ANYTHING is possible.

🖤 I enjoy the adventure of life and its infinite possibilities.

🖤 Everything feels possible to me.

🖤 I am grateful for infinite possibilities, opportunities and roads opening for me!

🖤 My intentions are more of a probability than a possibility.

🖤 Anything can happen at any time - including miracles and joyful occasions!


👁 Good and bad things are both possible, which one do I want to give my energy to? 

👁 Do I feel like its safe to dwell in the positive possibilities? Why or Why not? 

👁 What parts of my intentions feel impossible? Why is that? Write a case for how it's actually VERY possible. 

👁 What parts of me are afraid to get excited about possibilities? What am I holding onto? 

👁 Am I afraid of my intentions being successful somehow? Do I believe I can handle success? Do I trust myself? 

👁My power lies in my recognition of the endless number of possible scenarios. Which one do I choose?

👁 How can I nourish myself and build my confidence in what's possible? How can I begin to focus on beautiful and miraculous possibilities for myself? 

👁 Fill a WHOLE page with lists of positive possibilities, outcomes and miracles that could befall you at any point in time! Feel as you start to open up. 

👁 Choose a possibility reminder. Something that you carry with you, a talisman, Something that reminds you that possibility is infinite for all of us here on earth , including you. 


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