Journal Prompts & Affirmations for Mindfulness & Feeling "Clear"

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THIS IMAGE OF BRUCE LEE IS FROM THIS INTERVIEW , if you want to check it out!

Here's a shorter clip with the quote "be water, my friend": Bruce Lee Be As Water My Friend 

Excellent resources on Mindfulness: 

Present Moment Wonderful Moment by Thich Nhat Hanh 

The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh 

AFFIRMATIONS to say or repeatedly write:

🖤 I empty myself of all worry and attachment so that I may take in this moment. 

🖤 All my attachments drain from my body, leaving space for me to receive. 

🖤 I clear all my channels, both mental and physical. I experience this moment. 

🖤 My breath is a tool of cleansing. I choose to use it now.

🖤 All distractions fade and melt into a calm and open void. I ready my mind and body for clarity. 

🖤 As I look at my hands, my limbs, my feet  - I realize that I am a soul residing in a human body. What a gift to be here. 

🖤 Everything I consume has been touched by another human. I am grateful for their work .

🖤 Looking out my window I see not only nature, but a reflection and a blueprint for myself and my development.

🖤My mind creates ideas and my body carries them out. What magic. 

🖤 Every breath I take is a gift. The gift of life itself.

🖤 My feet walk the ground that many have walked before me. I am not the first, nor will I be the last .

🖤 I reside in the emptiness, the state of receptivity and inner knowing.

🖤 My mind is my most important tool, and all tools need cleaning & maintenance. 

🖤 When I feel tensions rising, I smile to slowly melt them away. 

🖤 I allow my mind the gift of silence. I allow my mind the gift of small vacations from its hard work.


👁 What is happening right now? Describe everything you see, hear, smell, feel and sense. What does this moment feel like? 


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