Journal Prompts & Affirmations for Getting Shit Done

Mar 24, 2021

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All the little tasks you've been avoiding? 

Get them done with joy, freedom and flow  - and tell yourself that it will be quick, painless and even fun!

AFFIRMATIONS to say or repeatedly write:

🌪 I am a rainstorm of effortless productivity. 

🌪I just allow energy to flow through me and the work basically does itself!

🌪Once I get clear on my intentions for a project - there's no holding me back!

🌪Oh this? I'll be done with this in no time. AND I'll have fun doing it! 

🌪 I surprise myself with how fun & quick all my tasks are! 

🌪I love the feeling of finishing what I started, and I do so with lightness and joy.

🌪When I do my work from a place of flow, its like the tasks finish themselves!

🌪I know how talented I am, so this should be a breeze. 

🌪Any task placed before me, is quite literally... a piece of cake. 

🌪When I turn off the "overthinking" switch, my body does the rest - and next thing I know... I'm done!

🌪I have a creative genius inside of me, so I just unleash them to do this kind of stuff for me. 

🌪I make all my work a game ... so really I'm never working.


👁 What tasks/ projects / work are you avoiding and why do you think it will be difficult and/or time consuming? 

List out each task you're avoiding

List the reasons you think it will be difficult 

And then DEBUNK those reasons!


I'm avoiding doing my taxes.

Why? Because I think it will take forever.

The TRUTH: Is that it could be done in an hour? It could be way easier than anticipated?  And I can reward myself after with CAKE?   🍰


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