Journal Prompts & Affirmations for Alchemy & Creation

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Our life is our creation! Every moment of every day we are creating something. Every decision. Every thought. What are you creating? 

AFFIRMATIONS to say or repeatedly write:

🧪 I transform pain into power. 

🔥I alchemize my emotions into channeled energy.

🧪 I am constantly creating in each moment. My life is my creation. 

🔥 I have an endless amount of energy that I can funnel into different areas of my life.

🧪 My life is an intentional brew. I decide what goes in, I decide what is NOT included.  The ingredient list is my creation. 

🔥I remember that every micro-decision I make throughout the day is a moment of creation. 

🧪 I allow myself to experiment with life. I test theories and create templates for living.

🔥 Looking at my dreams, I know that they are not only possible - but probable. 

🧪My mind creates the vision, my body carries out the reality. 

🔥 I am constantly transforming stuck energy into something I can use. I am resourceful. 

🧪I transform myself whenever I choose. I can become whoever I want in an instant with embodiment. 

🔥 I always reach for the thoughts that feel empowering, when I feel my mind spiraling.

🧪 I see my outer world as a reflection of my inner world. So I meticulously prune and tend to the alchemical garden that it my mindscape. 

🔥I use my past hardships to fuel me and make me stronger. 

🧪 I cleanse and clear my mind daily. All good tools need maintenance . So does the mind. 


🧪🔥 What are you currently creating in your life right now? Every day , with all of your thoughts, feelings, actions and thousands of micro-decisions  ... what are you creating?

 Is there anything you'd like to shift? Make a plan 🔥


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