The Journey (Artstation Challenge)
This render I created for "The Journey" Artstation Challenge. Created using Blender & rendered in Cycles, post processing in Photoshop. It was quite challenging, because usually I do more organic sculpting/modelling, so this was a good hard surface modelling exercise.

You can see the production progress here:

A traveller and his dog are waking up early in the morning to start another day on a long journey. My idea was to put a self made robot vehicle (Lada + trailer + robot legs) into a nature scene with a sunrise/foggy mood.

Shading was done using and modifing many of the "CMV" shaders ( 
The trees where generated using "TheGrove" addon for Blender ( 
The grass was created using "The Grass Essentials" ( 
For lighting I used a HDRI sky from

If you have any questions feel free to ask!