Journey Into Dawn: Posting Schedule and a Preface
Journey Into Dawn will be posted here on Patreon and also on Tapastic! The Tapastic page is here!

The first page will be posted first for $5+ Patrons on Monday January 9th! It will be uploaded at 10am. It will always go up on Mondays!

Then, that page will be publicy posted on my patreon and Tapastic on Wednesday January 11th also at 10am. The patreon post will be public, so you can just be following me and still see it without pledging any money. It will always go up on Wednesdays!

Also, I've decided once a week will suit this comic. In the future, I may decide to up the amount to two pages, and I may decide to down the amount to once every other week. Regardless, I'll let you know ahead of time. The cover and first three pages will definitely be posted once a week, though. That much is certain. 

That's all of the technical information! So, on January 9th for $5+ patrons and January 11th for the public, we'll start this new adventure together. 

Before that Journey has begun, I wanted to take a moment to write about some feelings I have been facing about crafting a new story. I've made many comics before. However, I've never posted any of my originals online before.  In fact, just for perspective, I have 200+ pages worth of Naruto fancomics posted online. Weird, huh?

A problem I have faced is that I felt like the first time I posted an original comic it had to be my Magnum Opus. Whatever I chose had to best represent me as an artist and writer and, above all, a creator. Because of that, a lot of stories have never been made or posted. I don't think I can count the amount of projects I've left behind to rot.

Like I said, it had to be the best I could do, but how can I present that when my art style is ever growing? The cover was drawn a few weeks ago. The first page a few months ago. In the past, I would decide to re draw that first page. The problem is that is an endless cycle of revision with no progress.  For this project, I've decided to put more effort towards putting it out there than on perfectionism.  

I don't want to drag any projects I do down with the weight of potential success. It's a crushing feeling not only to anticipate, but also to be let down by. I want to enjoy this project the best I can, and I invite you to enjoy it with me.

So, please, read and enjoy. Comment if you like; share if you like. Thank you for reading this, and thank you in advance for reading Journey Into Dawn.