Journey Into Dawn [Chapter I][Page 18][Public Post]
This is the third time I've drawn someone trying to wake Rey up in a single chapter. He's a sleepy boy, but now is not the time to be resting. 

I can't believe I've drawn 18 pages of an original comic. Stuff's wild, guys.

This didn't go up in time because I didn't prep the post for queue in time before I had to head off to work, so sorry about the late night posting!

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Background Information: This is an original webcomic title "Journey Into Dawn." You can find more about it through my patreon tag! I  wrote about the posting schedule and a general preface here.

Note: This is the eighteenth page of Chapter I. It was previously posted earlier as a $5+ patron perk. You can become a patron as well! If this public patreon post is not convenient enough for easy reading, you can read at the mobile friendly comic reading website tapastic. The public posts are simulpublished.