The Journey of a Thousand Miles ...
Begins with the first steps, and I am looking for people to help me with mine. It is a huge undertaking that I am planning on doing, and I will be doing it while working full time as well.

My hope at this point is to get a tale done a month once I get the Prologue finished. I already have several characters in place right now and their introduction is written, but there are many more to go. 

The more I am funded, the more I can focus on this project; as it stands, I have 16 characters already (though this can expand based on patrons and patron ideas) and with each telling 2 stories, that is 32 tales to produce, which each tale consisting of around 1000 lines of poetry, I am looking at writing around 40 000 lines of poetry here (including possible overage and the full Prologue itself).

So thank you for taking the time to come here, and I hope I can count on your support to get it done.