Journey Quest: The Journey Saga
Hey there weirdlings and afterlings,

When the patreon started, the only goal was make Weird Things a regular show. Once a week, we'd sit down and make the best science-meets-fiction podcast anyone named Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young, or Brian Brushwood could make. 

Since then, we've doubled the number of shows per week with After Things and started the longest recurring bit on the show, Journey Quest. 

As the boys find new, wacky adventures to role-play, more people want to go back and enjoy the adventure from the beginning--and right now, that's no small task! Many weeks don't have a Journey Quest segment and it's not easy to find when they start.

We want to take all the guesswork out and give you a Journey Quest-only feed. Want to start from the beginning? Looking for your favorite moment? We can make that easier.

If we can get the Patreon to $600, that'll get us at the right place to start making that feed AND bring you detailed show notes with more links and segment timecodes.  If you're not a pledging patron already, consider joining the ranks, and if you're already one of our bosses, tell a friend about the show.

Your support of Weird Things means so much to us and we're excited to keep bringing you the show you love--and then some!


Andrew, Justin, and Brian

PS: If you haven't already, consider joining the Discord! It's a free way to chat with other WT listeners--and $1+ patrons get a fancy green color! Check out this post for more info.

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