Journey to New Zealand!
Hello, everyone!

I have been presented with an amazing opportunity and I want to share it with you! As some of you know already, I am going to New Zealand (!!!!!) for two weeks starting June 25! 

New Zealand has been my number one country to visit for years now, ever since I learned that the birds there evolved in the absence of mammals. Keas, fantails, tui, and tons of other stuff I’m so incredibly pumped to see and--more importantly for you--DRAW!!! So, when my supervisor at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology mentioned that she and her family were going for a few weeks this summer for work, and offered to let me stay with her for free--I jumped at the opportunity!

I am going to be drawing and painting as much of the time as possible in NZ, with the ultimate goal of making a Birds of New Zealand painting (in the style of the Birds of the East Coast), incorporating native New Zealand bird species with New Zealand cultures and customs. This piece will draw on not only the experiences I have in New Zealand, but the experience of being a part of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology this past year--an incredible honor. I am much better at drawing and painting birds than I was when I arrived, and I owe that to every wonderful person I’ve met and worked with while being here. Making art about birds in New Zealand will be the capstone to a year that has meant so much in terms of my growth as an artist and bird-lover!

The only thing I had to do to make this happen is buy my plane ticket--which came to approximately $3000. Which is more than I anticipated. However, I do not know when this chance will come for me again--life being unpredictable--so in order to help with the cost of the ticket, I am opening a couple of limited, upper-level, short-term Patreon reward tiers.

$75 (30) - A signed, limited-edition giclee print of The Birds of New Zealand!

$250 (4) - An original page from my NZ watercolor sketchbook, featuring from-life paintings and notes on New Zealand birds and flora! PLUS a signed, limited-edition print of the Birds of New Zealand!

If you are inclined and able to help at this level, or are willing to up your pledge by a level or so for a month, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. If you are not, I still appreciate you from the bottom of my heart--y’all are already amazing, and the reason I am here and doing this! 

If you want to help in other ways, please share my Patreon/work on Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter! New Patrons at ANY level would help me keep making silly bird pictures for you guys!

Much love to you all, and thanks so much for your support,



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