Journey To The West characters!
So part of my portfolio for school I had to make some sort of anatomy study and it could be just a variety of characters with different proportions and since im not that great at creating OCs I just made my versions of Journey To The West characters! 

here's a bigger resolution 

the horse was the biggest challenge I'm not that great at animals but I think I nailed him!

Also I love Bodhisattva so much she's like everyone's mom I'm happy I finally drew her.

The tiny woman and the big guy with the scar on his face are from the movie Monkey King: Hero Is Back casuse they're so stupid I loved them haha. 

The mohawk guy is supposed to be the horse in human form mainly how he's represented in the chinese shows. And the woman with the skelleton face is the.... skelleton spirit? I don't remember but she'S the one who disguised herself as humans and wukong "killed" all of them and the monk got so mad he exiled the shit out of him haha. so far that's my favorite chapter.