As we move into a new section of our advent journey - JOY, this is something that just hearing can make us change our mood.

JOY! JOY! JOY! (go head, join me and say it 3 times out loud)

Ah, yup... got ya didn't it? You smiled! 

Joy isn't just something we feel but also something we KNOW and experience in our relationship with Christ. 

I have PURE JOY just knowing He is with me everyday, no matter where I am in my life journey. 

What a great PERK it is - JOY, that we get with accepting Christ into our hearts and lives. 

Does this promise that everything is JOY-FULL everyday, every minute, every hour? UGh NO! But Joy comes in knowing that Christ is always there, EVERYDAY, EVERY HOUR and EVERY MINUTE!!

So, go head, challenge someone today to say JOY three times and see if they can't help but have a smile on their face. Then if they are saved, say "Isn't it great to know that we have that JOY every day, every minute and every hour, accessible to us through our relationship with Him?"

If they aren't saved or you're not sure, you might say "I love knowing I have this Pure Joy because of my relationship with Jesus Christ and that no matter what i'm going through, he's there EVERYDAY, EVERY HOUR and EVERY MINUTE!!

Have a JOY-FILLED Week!

Hugs & Blessings,