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Joy's Song
Let me tell you about a song I just wrote for someone I appreciate and admire. It’s a Valentines Day song. A few years ago I ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to make my second album, FOK DUB. For $100 you got a custom song. Here, finally, I am delivering a song to Joy Haynes, a fantastic artist in her own right, that I know from high school. She wanted a country song with the chorus: “I’d rather be doing nothing with you than something with someone else.” Alright! So I asked her for a list of things she likes to do and here’s what she gave me: play games (boggle, scrabble, cards) drink wine travel eat out act junky (that means watching tv on the couch in my pajamas snuggled under a blanket) go on long walks sleep nine hours a night listen to NPR listen to country music go to any live event (sports, music, theater) read drive with the windows down and the heat on tailgate have intense, life inspiring conversations guffaw go to photo exhibits concoct conspiracy theories keep my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds never run out of things (toothpaste, milk, whatever) did I mention drinking wine!?!? :-) What a great list. I put it all into a song, we went back and forth about the ending a bit and viola! Here it is with lyrics:
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