The 24 Hours of ZZT contest (usually shortened to 24HoZZT or 24HoZ) was a ZZT community competition to create a game in just 24 hours that fit a topic chosen by the contest host. The games would be submitted and then judged by a few community members with the winner receiving the right to host the next one.

This began in 1998 and ran all the way through 2003 with more than 20 hosted events! It was a community staple and a very early example of a game jam. Unfortunately, the Autumn 2003 24HoZZT contest was never actually judged, and for nearly 15 years now has never had a winner.

I think in 2018 it's about time we change that!

What I'm proposing for the month of May is for all of us to pick up the reigns of judging, playing the 7 final submissions to the Autumn 2003 24 Hours of ZZT contest, and rate them.

The games can be downloaded from the Museum of ZZT at or played directly in your browser at 

All you need to do is provide scores for each game from 0.0 - 10.0 with a sentence or two. The entire process will likely take no more than 2 hours of your time.

I'm doing this not just to bring closure to the event, but also as a way to encourage people to play some ZZT games and discuss them. Either DM @worldsofzzt or E-mail [email protected] your scoresheet by the end of the month and we'll finally bring some closure to one of the ZZT community's longest running traditions.

You are strongly encouraged to tweet, stream, record, write about, or do anything else to shed some light on these forgotten titles created on such a strict deadline. Later this month I'll be streaming myself playing these games as well, and writing an article about them with my scores. (But please let me know so I can share these things on the @worldsofZZT twitter!)

If you need help getting ZZT to run on your computer, check out for a guide on downloading ZZT and setting up DosBox.

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