(contains female hyper, muscle, and minor macro growth.)

Commission for Mysteryman01

Art by Thefoxbro 


It was amazing how fast an anonymous tip could lead to one of the biggest criminal busts of the year. And Nick Wilde would mean that literally in his report. The Zootopia Police Department's first fox officer had started his day out with a dull, routine, patrol around a boringly tame neighborhood. When he came back, it was at the head of what might have been mistaken for a circus parade.

Virtually every officer and citizen in the station's reception area stopped in awe of the fox, warthog, and tabby cat trailing behind Nick in cuffs. That would have been nothing out of the ordinary if not the fact all three of them were nine feet tall. They towered over the wolf officers escorting them rippling with enough muscle to make a rhino gym instructor jealous. The fox under arrest got extra special attention from their unwitting audience. Being a vixen, she also possessed some spaciously developed hips and a pair of breasts that cast a shadow over Nicks body. Such guns bounced with unnatural buoyancy inside their tight tank top, looking ready to crush the three-foot fox with one drop.

"Hey, Clawhauser. How's your day going?" Nick grinned up at the reception desk upon reaching it.

The corpulent cheetah that usually ran reception did not answer right away. His wide brown eyes had contracted to period points starting at the trio of giants looming angrily over him. Each one was undoubtedly the largest documented case of their species, size, and bulk wise. Not even incidents of illegal substance use had such potent results.

"Wha…" Clawhauser started but then swallowed the lump of unchewed doughnut through oblivious tears. "Nick…how…?"

"I dunno, someone called in squatters making a ruckus, and I found these barbarians doing a lab science thing in the basement." Even Nick found it hard to keep his usual, laid back composure. Slowly taking off his glasses, he jerked his nose down the line. "If you want to know what's been going into their milk you'd have to ask blueberry-butt back there."

Taking the cue, one of the wolf officers with Nick yanked on a fourth perp easily hidden behind the bulk of his accomplices. Today was just full of surprise firsts as Clawhauser was left questioning this guys species. He had the same characteristics as a fox, especially standing beside Nick and the muscled vixen, but his body was off. It was way too scrawny with a tail almost as big pressed up against his back. The general jitteriness displayed seemed more reminiscent of a squirrel. And then there was the fact the majority of his fur was a soft blue with black 'glove' markings.

"My name is Desmond, thank you very much!" the cuffed critter virtually ignored Clawhauser's confused stare, opting to focus all hate on Nick's smug grin. "And I'm not confessing anything until I get a phone call."

Nick's ears dropped slightly with some confusion of his own. "But you already confessed to everything on the way over for my ice pop."

Desmond stuck his tongue out at Nick, revealing the blotch of purple tinge on it. "So? Synthesizing muscle hormones from bigger species isn't a crime."

"Actually, it is."

"You'll never get away with this, officer!"

Nick and Clawhauser looked to it each as if the move was practiced. Unfortunately, neither could give an answer to their matching questions. They almost felt like two different conversations were going on. Wanting to see the end of his shift already, Nick cleared his throat.

"Can you, uh, get these guys and girl hulks locked away? I need a shower."

"Y-yeah, sure." Clawhauser shoved the rest of doughnut into his thick cheeks. Chewing was his only immediate way to calm his nerves. "H-how did you even managed to get them cuffed?"

"To be honest, the mad scientist here is the only one that put up resistance. The rest just kind of...stare."

"Y-yeah, that warthog hasn't stopped glaring at me since you came in…"

A bestial grunt from behind Nick almost made him smile again. Luckily all three muscular animals were promptly lead off down a side hall for processing and cell lock-up.

"This isn't over!" Of course, Desmond kicked and screamed for all he was worth. It took three wolves to carry him away. "I will have my revenge. You hear me?"

The doors slammed closed with the blue fox-things screams fading away. Within seconds the station resumed its usual humdrum of activities as if the exchange had never happened. Nick gave out a heavy sigh of his own, ready to put an end to today.

"Whoa!" He did not get one step towards the locker rooms before something rolled his paws out from under him. "What the...carrots?"

Scattered along the floor in a trail towards the hallway Nicks perps had been taken laid half a dozen decent sized carrots. Probably one of the last things he expected to see on a police station floor, but quite common around his partner's desk. After collecting his pained behind off the ground, the fox stayed hunched over to gather the discarded veggies.

"Do you think those were dropped by that squirrel thing?" Clawhauser had peered over his counter to make sure the fellow officer was unharmed.

"Possibly…" Nick agreed with an annoyed grumble. If Desmond still had things in his pockets after being arrested that meant scolding for not doing a proper frisk, along with having to make sure these were locked away. "I'll take them to evidence on my way out. Goodnight, Clawhauser."

"Oh, goodnight, Nick."

Nick still had the six carrots bundled under one arm when he finally made it to his locker. The sight of a 'Judy' nameplate on the locker next to it made him smile. This was going to be a great story to share over lunch later. Granted he would embellish the arrest a little for dramatic effect. How often does one take down a giant ally cat with his bare hands? Hopefully, his favorite, and only, partner had an exciting day herself.

"Nick! Hi!"


Welp, speak of the bunnies, and they spring from the ground. A large, dense mass of fluff crashed into his back, ensnaring his neck in a loving hug. It caught him so off guard that both little officers nearly fell into the open door of Nick's locker. His carefully held bundle of carrots scattered across the tiled locker floor as a result.

"Oh, gosh, are you okay?" Judy Hopps released Nick looking the fox over for injury. A paper grocery bag swung around one wrist with a mix of vegetable stalks growing over the edges. "I was just so happy to finally see a friendly face. You would not believe the day I've been having; so many angry parking tickets you'd think I was the only one printing them out."

"Heh. Believe me, I know how that goes." Nick straightened up, shedding his blue coat to hang inside the locker.

Judy smiled but then lowered her gaze. "Why do you have carrots, Nick? You going vegan or trying to get me a present?"

"Heh, in your dreams, cottontail!" They exchanged smug grins before Nick continued, "It's actually evidence for a case...I think. Some blue squirrel I busted dropped them."

Judy's already large eyes found a way to expand further with surprise. "Since when are squirrels blue?"

"He might have been a fox, but that's not important. I want to know why he's blue too." Nick wiggled his fluffy tail out of his pants tail hole to hang them up beside his jacket. Now in just a white undershirt and black boxers, he grabbed a towel. "Want to swap stories over dinner? It's my turn to buy."

"Nah, but thanks, Nick." Judy had also opened her locker, stuffing groceries inside before removing her uniform. "It's my work out night and I kind of need the stress relief now. Tomorrow?"

"Yeah, sure thing." Nick slammed his locker closed, locking its latch. "I'm a bit tired, so maybe an early rest would do me good."

"You need to exercise more, you lazy fox."

Nick gave her a sharp glare but opted not to say anything. Judy giggled, grabbing a carrot to nibble on her way out in a sports bra and spandex shorts. Dang rabbit had more energy than a power plant some days. Although it did remind Nick to stoop down to collect his own five suspicious carrots.

It was only when he laid them out on a bench that Nick felt something was off. Very slowly, he recounted the bright orange roots, and then counted again. Pointed ears fell against the back of his head so fast they made a smacking noise. His gaze whipped to the door Judy had just left then back to the carrots.

When? How? Did one fall into her bag when they embraced? Even so, what were the odds she had grabbed the same carrot? No way Nick's luck was that bad.

"Ugh! What the heck am I worried about?" Nick laughed to himself and headed on into the showers for a relaxing rinse. That weird Desmond guy had been brewing chemical serums to make people buff, that much was obvious. What on earth would carrying carrots have to do with it?

At the same time, Judy had just entered the gym nibbling her snacks leafy green stalks. Some prey did not like the bitter taste of carrot leaves, but she thought it helped keep the flavor from lingering. Such a habit felt especially necessary for this one's mild sour taste. Someone must have been really generous on their crops pesticides. That will teach her not to wash her produce first.

All the more reason to start a workout as a distraction from the aftertaste. Judy took a minute to stretch out on the open mats before heading on over to the weight racks. Lifting weights was always the worst part about her routine; not because she disliked it but because the station had yet to install dumbbells suited for smaller officers. Most of the force still consisted of rhinos and elephants, so exceptions like Judy and Nick had to make do for a while longer.

At least there were some five pounders to start out on; gotta have something for the wolves and rams weight class. Judy cupped the thicker ends in each hand and remembered to bend at the knees to lift it off the rack. A pair of rhinos chuckled watching their bunny rookie make wide steps to an open area for some curls. It was not too heavy, just bulky for her tiny paw-hands.

"Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff!"

The sight of Judy slamming a dumbbell repeatedly into her chest like a barbell was cute, but the officers watching knew better than to point it out. Most paid her little mind after the first set anyway. She had proven her worth as a cop many times over. This was just another round for all of them. 

That changed immediately when Judy took a breather and started her second set. One of the rhinos raised an eyebrow wondering if the bunny had her own set of home weights or something. Every time she tensed into another curl the back of her sports bra wrinkled from in a sea of tense muscles. Biceps bulged thick with bunny meat as shins flexed to keep her rooted in place. There was even a bit more bounce to her bust when she let the weight pushed into it. Overall, everything just looked bigger than a minute ago.

The rhino shrugged it off as just a natural course of a month being on the force. Maybe her fox partner might start noticing the results of hard work and try getting some extra meat on his bones too. But he was not the only one to see this either. For Judy, it was even weirder as the weight in her hands became lighter with almost every rep. By the time her set was done, gravity barely had any pull on her arms at all.

Ears twisted low in her confused walk to return the dumbbell to its hook. The short walk felt as natural as carrying her cellphone. She gave one arm a test flex, and her purple eyes shot open wide, seeing its bicep swell. A plum-sized muscle might not turn heads with her colleagues, but bunnies would find her toned fuzzy body impressive. Taking up those weekly jogs had been totally worth it.

Judy's ears flipped back up with her invigorated grin. Eager hands reached out to take down a ten-pound dumbbell, which got switched for a thirty when that one felt too light as well. More than a few interested gym regulars caught this as they rarely saw her go above twenty. A lot of eyes were shifting their focus onto the bunny, who remained entirely tunnel-visioned on trying out the limits of her newly discovered strength.

"Hmmmmph! AAH!"

It was definitely not the jogging affecting Judy's physique. Her first attempt at a rep almost expectedly did not go anywhere. Pronounced front teeth grit hard with her tiny arms tensing for all their strength was worth, only for the weight in her paw-hands to not budge.

True to her nature, Judy was not one to give up on the first try. A few quick breathes helped calm the fire burning in her upper body before arms tried another curl. Her face went askew again with the outcry of strained muscles, but this time her arms bent. Biceps welled up to the size of oranges as they managed to get the dumbbell halfway up to the bunnies chest before caving out. Judy almost let the weight drop her to the floor but managed to quickly regain some paw footing. On the third try, she made a complete curl leading into a full set.

Now everyone in the gym felt sure something was up with their little bunny friend. For one, she was hardly as small as when she entered. There were only benches for size comparison, but it was safe to say she had somehow sprouted several inches in height. More importantly, the ridges of power along her back did not smooth out when she relaxed them between reps anymore. They, along with her biceps swelled bigger with each curl just like she were pumping balloons.

Speaking of balloons, the swell of Judy's chest had stretched out her sports bra to the point a bit of cleavage showed through its neck. Fat gathered almost exclusively at key womanly places, dynamically changing her physique. Small cracks could be heard with the widening curves of her hips. The spandex of her shorts smoothed out its wrinkles, trying to accommodate a plumping bunny rear.

Judy finished the set with a sharp gasp, but once again felt like the weight barely registered. Despite her arms aching, there was a rapid pounding in her chest, eager to burn more energy. She let gravity drop the weight back down to her hips, considering what to do next. The sharp tug that gave Judy's body made her chest jiggle, which would be the first time she noticed a new kind of weights.

One look at the grey furry mounds stuffed inside a tight top made her drop the dumbbell with a squeal, narrowly missing her paws. Judy then caught sight of her hands; thicker, stronger, attached to limbs rippling with dormant power waiting to be used. Her stunned gaze drifted across the many fellow officers all watching her with matching confused expressions. A lot of the canines and rams suddenly did not look so big anymore. That became obvious why when Judy caught sight of the curvaceous buff bunny in the gyms mirrors.

"G-guys? Is it just me or did I get…?"

"Yes!" Every cop in the gym said almost like the moment was practiced.

"And then some," mumbled a smug hyena sitting on a bike machine.

"What's happening to me!?" Judy glanced from her reflection to her thicker paw-hands. Without hesitation, she retrieved the weight from the ground, returning it to the rack with barely an effort.

"Maybe all that iron pumping is catching up to you?"

A normally preposterous idea that was quickly scoffed at by many of the sweaty officers present. For Judy, however, it made her ears bend in deep thought. Those sparkling purple eyes remained locked on the dumbbells pondering the current course of events. She hardly did much else today outside some disgruntled citizen dodging, so it was the only conclusion that made sense.

Some of the others must have had the same thought. Before Judy could decide how to proceed, there came a light thump of something heavy landing on the mats. She glanced up to find one of the rhinos nearby had risen to stand next to her. Even with a little boost, he cast an unintentionally ominous shadow over the bunny. His eyes were disarmingly cheerful while placing the dumbbell he had been using before Judy.

"Only one way to find out if it's the workout, right?"

The metal bar was over twice Judy's already enlarged size. Many of the officers thought the challenge was absurd and expressed such while the rhino stepped back. Others voiced concern for their colleague's health, rebutted by others that failed to see a downside to increased muscle mass. None of them noticed that Judy's mind was on a far different train of thought. Long fluffy ears twitched back and forth with her attention focused entirely on the dumbbell. There was no outright labeling of its weight, but for a rhino to curl it the thing must have been worth two dozen of her.

"Hopps! Are you nuts!?"

At one officer's outcry, the entire room fell silent again. All eyes were back on Judy striding confidently to the dumbbell. She assumed a position much like one would a barbell; thighs swelling as she lowered into a squat. Her thicker butt shook a few times in an attempt to loosen the back muscles, both hands cupping under the bar to grip its large handle.

"Maybe I am, but I wanna see how far this goes."

"M-maybe you should try something a little light…"


Before anyone could stop her, Judy took a deep breath and put her all into the hefty hunk of metal. Bunny nose twitched faster than a machine gun with her lips curled back in a strained snarl.  Thighs bulged in a powerful flex to lift with her knees. Biceps ballooned for all they could to move the handle even an inch.

All her efforts amounted to generally nothing. Some of her witnesses could practically see the sweat spurting off her body from the strain, but the dumbbell itself refused to move. If only Judy could ever learn to quit. She kept at it for almost a full minute until the burning of her lungs won out, forcing her to collapse on the rhino dumbbell panting for breath.

This was far from a failure for the bunny. The dumbbell might have failed to move, but what no one else could see was the fire raging in Judy's body. Putting a strain on her muscles did not tire or fatigue her. Regaining her breath only left everything more invigorated than six cups of coffee. So it was a complete shock to the gym when she assumed the position for another attempt.

"Mmgh! Hnngh! Hmmmph!"

The bunny's butt bobbed in several hard twerks trying to lift the weight. While Judy still failed to move it, her backside itself was doing some rapid shifting. Each dip towards the ground ended with both cheeks inflating out further with a fresh layer of fat. Spandex creaked in protest getting stretched to its limit, trying to contain such swelling buns. On the final bounce, they slipped down to reveal a thick plumbers crack eager to bulge over the hem.

Judy switched from pulling to try pushing her entire being into the dumbbell. Her thighs seemed all too eager to help, blimping out with a rush of strength. Muscle developed atop muscle with any joining fat unable to completely mask the hard ridges on her legs. Shins were not far behind, spreading out to the point her knees became virtually swallowed between the meaty sections of her limbs. They got so dense that Judy was forced to widen her stance. That turned out to be beneficial with her body steadily growing bigger by the second. Many of the wolves were suddenly becoming more intimidated than concerned for the buff bunny reaching their eye level.

And she showed no signs of stopping there. Judy's collapsed waist became more pronounced with the second spreading of her hips. Large bumps of meaty flesh rose up through her back fur like armor, helping to accommodate shoulders that popped out broader than her lower body. There was now a long gap between her sports bra and shorts, every inch of which was filled with rock-hard abs.

Having one's fingers grow longer and stronger made it easier to get a grip on the hefty weight. Judy could almost completely wrap them around the handle when she felt the dumbbell wiggle. A spurt of bicep and forearm muscle mass allowed Judy to actually lift it a few inches off the ground. After that, she finally had to drop it to catch a breath. That and a large deposit of fat into her chest forced her meaty biceps apart.

"Wow," Judy gasped between breaths, watching the basketballs bouncing in her tiny sports bra. The thing looked virtually like a bikini withy soft mounds bulging through a strained neckline and under the bottom hem. Her hand absently reached up to give one a test squeeze, causing her to bite her lower lip in a stifled moan. Unlike most of the bunny, her boobs and butt had become insanely squishy and sensitive to the touch. She would have explored further if the approving grunts of nearby males had not reminded her of the situation.

"Um, maybe you should stop now, Judy?"

Judy turned to the speaker, momentarily stunned to find herself looking down at tigress. The poor girl seemed just as surprised to be close with a bunny that might have been her equal in raw strength. Heck, just feeling the many ridges of her waist and stomach filled Judy with a subconscious sense of superiority.

"Oh no! I'm not stopping until this is done!"

Ignoring other cries of protest, Judy turned back to grip the weight once more. Her hands were in a state where one could not hope to grab the handle, but both were too big to grip it at once. The rounded heavy ends were just as good to grasp. Proper safety stances were almost forgotten in her rush to squat a fat butt and heft once again.

Pride crashed down over Judy when once push brought the dumbbell to her plush chest. But that was around the point her bulking arms met a lot of gravities resistance. A quick shift in gripe made her palms go from pulling to pushing. Renewed vigor determined to get this damn thing above her head.


Expensive gym clothes could no longer handle all the bulk inflating Judy's body. A harsh tear drew everyone's eyes to the seat of her spandex shorts. The bunny's bubble butt had split the center seam with its expanding girth, falling out in a violent storm of jiggles. Pops and groans echoed from under her skin across a silent gym. Calcium fed into her bones, making them grow out to better distribute all her expanding buff. Judy rapidly shot up to the size of a lion, and then to a polar bear.

The dumbbell inched past her face with every new once of muscle stretching out Judy's skin. Grey rabbit fur thinned out making her body gleam with a refined pelt. All eyes were drawn to her breasts, stretching the fabric of their sports bra to thin strands that finally gave a harsh snap of defeat. The bunny's chest bounced free with a fantastic amount of buoyancy that almost threw Judy off her stance. She quickly counterbalanced by clenching her paw toes before resuming her push.

Everything began to hover above her forehead, urging Judy into a final burst of willpower. At the same time, most of her upper body was also puffing out in every possible direction. Her chest billowed out with the popping of rib bones, making room for the growing organs protected within. Shoulders broadened to the point an elephant on the treadmill would never dare challenge the bunny to a wrestling match. What muscles could not pad up the area flowed like water into her biceps and forearms.

"Whoa!" Judy cried when a shift in her hands caused the dumbbell to slip. With lightning reflexes, she stooped just in time to snatch the handle in mid-air.

And then the bunny blinked finding her hands had become huge in their own right. One set of fingers easily curled around the handle to touch her palm. She levered herself up, feeling the weight as nothing but a light strain. A shocked muzzle quickly turned into a cheerful toothed grin. Judy hefted it up in one curl and then thrust it high above her head like a trophy.


The action itself caused her entire body to pulse a little bit larger. Many of the male's jaws dropped watching her breasts surge into firm beach balls. And they only continued to get bigger as Judy brought the dumbbell down to begin a series of curls. Muscles gave off loud groans as they pulsed with each heft, filling her out to the point her joints might have trouble moving with so much bulk. When she switched to her other arm, it became the rabbit's butt spilling out behind her with gushing fat and sinew. She had to pause every couple reps just to widen her stance. Her thighs were continuously pushing against each other with their mounting bulk.


If there was one thing that could incite fear into any giant mountain of muscle, regardless of species, it was the yell of an angry boss. Judy had been so enthralled by her own naked bodies growth that the familiar bellow of Chief Bogo made her jump two feet off the ground.


The weighted rhino dumbbell hit the floor before Judy's giant paws, smashing through the mats and some of the floor on it's landing. She quickly collected her nerves and whirled to face the buffalo storming towards her. Stray wafts from the air conditioning promptly made her clasp a hand over her crotch while the other arm tried to hug her big squishy tits. 

Being naked did not seem to hinder Bogo in any capacity. His ferocious glare remained even after stopping within inches of his snout hitting the bottom of her cleavage. Forget species, Judy was the largest thing in the gym, generally speaking. It was doubtful her bulky titan frame could fit on any of the exercise machines.

"What the blue blazes have you gotten yourself into, officer!?" Bogo emphasized his question by jabbing a hoofed finger into Judy's abs. It hardly had an impact on the bunny's wall of muscle, but Bogo did not need size to be intimidating.

"I...I don't know sir." Judy blushed, shifting her arm but unable to keep breast flesh from bulging around her muscular arm. "I just came here for a workout and started...blowing up."

"Well, it sure looks like you could have stopped a lot sooner." Bogo gave a snort while eying her body. "It'll be hard to get you any uniform that fits now, much less any health issues this might inadvertently cause to you. I'd have expected such reckless behavior from Wilde by now, but…"

"My ears are burning!"

Judy jumped again when Nick's head suddenly appeared from around Bogo, followed by the rest of her fox partner. Bogo was not so easily caught off guard, merely finding another target for his anger.

"Speaking of trouble; what do you want, Wilde?"

Nick took a second to recover since he had realized the giant wall of grey ridged fur was actually Judy. Their eyes met in many mixes of surprise, embarrassment, and concern. An impatient grunt from Bogo quickly got the foxes brain back on track.

"Actually I was rushing up here to check on Judy too." Nick's folding ears betrayed the usually calm, sassy demeanor he had become famous for. "See, I had caught a perp earlier today named Desmond, and he just confessed to me in a panic that he's been lacing produce with a fast-acting growth serum. He claims it's especially effective on smaller species and females."

Bogo looked at Judy, making her face burn bright red, then back at Nick. "You don't say?"

"Yeah. There was also a lot of gibberish scientists like to say about how stuff works, you know the type right? The gist seems to be; extensive physical work makes you get bigger, faster. Turns out my partner here must have accidentally got a hold of a tampered while I was trying to bring them to the evidence lockers."

"Wait, you fed me a drugged carrot, Nick?"

"Hey, you glomped me first. Who does shopping while they're on duty?"

"Maybe I should ask the partner that's always buying doughnuts and popsicles while we're on patrol."

"There's no need to bring Jenkin's over there into this…"

"You know perfectly well who I'm talking about."

"I wish you both would stop talking right now!" Bogo stamped a hoof that brought the duos spat to a screeching halt. "Wilde! Did your perp happen to mention what else we should worry about with this serum?"

"Oh yeah. Judy will be just fine."

"I am far from fine! I'm naked and...fat!"

Nick could not help a grin looking up at the big melons Judy was trying to hold in her arm. "According to most social media, you're more like a thick."


"Apparently Desmond's stuff is only temporary, carrots. Relax."

"And how do you know that?" Bogo allowed his anger to abate ever slightly to show surprise.

The fox could only shrug without risking sounding too cocky. "His accomplices we brought in started, well, deflating is probably the best word I can think for it. They shrunk down from hulks to normal in a matter of minutes shortly after being put in a cell. According to Desmond, a full dose only lasts a few days."

"So I'm stuck unable to fit in my own apartment for days?"

"Eh, I'm sure someone around here wouldn't mind sharing their couch."

Judy glanced around the crowd of stunned officers, most of whom looked away blushing.

"She can stay in our on-call room," Bogo said, the anger vanishing from his tone entirely. "Just don't get comfortable because I'll find something in this station for you to wear."

"Chief?" Judy's ears shot up, unsure whether to embrace the relief flooding her sore muscled body.

"There's no way I'm letting you claim sick leave when you look ready to toss an elephant, Hopps." Nick looked ready to comment, but Bogo's hand on his shoulder sent a notable chill down the foxes spine. "Meanwhile, Wilde, we need a little privet talk about properly handling evidence."


The next day was practically typical for any other day at the ZPD. Judy was doing her best to avoid the public halls, but the wide-open reception area and bull pin were some of the few spaces she did not feel cramped. It was impossible to linger in either without feeling dozens of eyes drawn to every bounce and wiggle of her curves.

Such feelings only got worse when she had an actual uniform to wear. True to his word, Chief Bogo managed to find many things for his most diligent officer to wear. Most of it was tailored for male elephants, but there was little point arguing it.

"I look freaking ridiculous," the bunny cried from inside a closed shower.

Nick remained leaning on the outside wall, patiently eating a breakfast burrito. "Come on, carrots. Bogo won't let you hide in the locker room all day."

"I can try! This whole mess makes me look like a freak."

"I dunno, some people might find huge mammaries and a wide butt attractive."

"Like what? A savage pack of wolves?"

"Just think how much easier this shift will be with you looming over everyone. Also, the chief said I'm allowed to hose you if you're not in the garage by seven."

"Ugh! Fine!" The curtain ripped back for Judy to emerge. "What do you think?"

Heavy boot steps moved timidly to loom over Nick. The tops of Judy's footwear were already stretched taut halfway up shins thicker than her partner's body. The thighs were even more swollen, rolling into hips hoisting a butt that could crush small prey.

If it had been anyone else blanketing him in shadow, the fox might have ended up messing his pants. But Judy was too gentle to hurt criminals more than necessary. He craned his head up, admiring the tight swell of her titanic body. Every ridge and crevice of her leg muscles were tightly outlined through denim jeans meant for the largest of species. It looked like they gave just enough room for the giant bunny to walk with some room for comfort.

"Yup, muscles definitely suits you, Judy." Nick flipped out a pair of sunglasses before scarfing the rest of his burrito.

"You really think so?" Judy bit her lower lip, allowing herself to indulge in a light flexing.

The officer's jacket she had been given had a worse time fitting to her frame. Swells of arm muscles crinkled up the long sleeves much like her jeans, just barely straining them below the tearing point. Her uniform might as well have been a second skin, except for the hem. The still feminine cave of her waist left the bottom flapping a bit lose to give teasing peaks at her brick wall of a stomach. Having a pair of enormous breasts stretching out the front into two distinct sphere shapes was partly to blame for that. Nick was definitely going to spend the day trying to make at least three fruit smuggling jokes at his partner's expense.

"Worse case we can just tell people you're carrying pumpkins for the company potluck. Hey!?" Nick yelped when Judy suddenly hunched towards him. Her aforementioned 'pumpkins' flowed around either side of his head like sandbags, leaving his tail erect in stupified wonder. Next thing the fox knew he was being hoisted up by the collar of his jacket with one powerful bunny hand. "Wh-what are you doing, carrots?"

Maybe it was the realization she could carry Nick like a pet mouse that gave her enough confidence to give a sly wink. "You've been taking an extreme interest in my melons since they grew so ripe. I figure we might as well work it out of your system."

"Wait, wha-"


The world went dark, yet welcomingly soft for Nick. Judy settled both arms around the tiny fox in a loving hug, pinning him face first between her monstrous breasts. The fox writhed in his prison but never sent the signal they were struggles to escape. If anything, Judy was surprised his hands stayed at his sides instead of helping themselves to her open invitation.

Having a full fox body wiggling in her cleavage still triggered a lot of sensitive nerves. Judy huffed softly, blushing with ears folded back. Slowly she counted back from ten, reluctantly withdrawing Nick from her embrace upon finishing. Both seemed sad to end the experience but the way her fox partner gasped for breath, it was probably for the best.

"Ready to make the world a better place...with a big impact?"

They shared a smile as best friends before Nick recovered enough sense to gesture towards the exit. "I totally hope we catch a perp for interrogation before this wears off. It'll be amazing to play the good cop, bad cop routine."

Judy gave her first real laugh in the past thirty hours. Her booted footsteps echoed heavily off the locker room walls following behind Nick. "I have absolutely no idea how you think I can play good cop like this."

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