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July 2014 General Meeting: New Games & New People!
It's been awhile since I've updated our Patreon page, but that's partially a good thing… Our early summers are always the slowest time of the month by far, but we've kept up momentum via good conversation on the Facebook forum, and there's lots going on outside of PIGSquad proper! One of my favorite events that I crossposted via PIGSquad in June was the Pixel Arts Open House, where we were able to play a full-fledged game of Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator. Pixel Arts is unfortunately unable to host an open house this month due to venue issues, but we're in the middle of hosting our third game camp of the summer with the support of many volunteers from PIGSquad! Getting a full 6-player game of Artemis off the ground also got me thinking about instigating more play nights… Hopefully we can get some LAN multiplayer going at the end of the month, which will be posted on if it comes to fruition. We also have the Gaming in Color screening coming up Sunday! Appropriate timing given the conversations we've all been having on the PIGSquad Facebook group recently – many members have been voicing concern about involving more diverse communities (namely women and LGBTQ communities), and we were able to have a big discussion at the meeting. I have plenty of notes and will very likely be taking more at the screening on Sunday, so be prepared to assist in welcoming all kinds of new people through events, our projects, and good ol' word of mouth! It's also been a crazy past couple of months for PIGSquad members to have their games finished, polished, and represented! The Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, Crea, Miniverse, and Land of Retro launches are so inspiring, and there always seems to be news surrounding Hard Lander Rage Runner, Cheerful Ghost, and March of the Ants (just to name a few!). I also wanted to update everyone on Patreon rewards and t-shirts. My answer to most questions is: "soon?" Lots of things to capitalize on regarding community need, Pixel Arts, and personal goings-on. I'm in a good place after being in the swing of things for camp, chasing a nasty illness away, and receiving more help with organizing from members, so catch-up is imminent! I want to thank people for their patience, or, if they don't have any, acknowledge people for their restraint… Talk soon! See you at the screening Sunday!