July 2015 Roundup! <3
Tomorrow is the last art day for July 2015. 

I am so grateful to you all for being patient as I learn the routine, that I will be sending out an extra big downloadable pack once July payments clear.

I have also added a new tier for 5x5 Watercolor animal commissions! I almost NEVER take commissions, so if you'd like to upgrade to that Tier and get a painting done in August, heres your chance! 

I will focus less here on out on "daily sketches" and try to get some art uploaded each weekday - but if I have things outside the house one day, I will just make the next day even more amazing!  Some days just dont lead to having the ability to finish out a sketch, and I feel behind -- and then it feels like too much.  So no more of that! 

What I will be aiming at will be:

Weekday Study - might start being small watercolor and graphite studies.  I am finding finishing a sketch I dont intend to paint doesnt seem to either get finished nor grab attention! So, more color! Hooray! <3 

Further, Im just going to go ahead and trust I will get to my first milestone in August and sign up for both online classes.  Then I can watch videos and learn each day instead of thinking about which animal I love the most that day! 

Weekly Ink Linedrawing - I want to start making Coloring Pages, so one sketch a week will be turned into clean ink line drawing in Augusts' packs.  The monthly downloadable pack (the $1+ reward) will have at least one in them! 

Biweekly paintings - Ah, I know I faceplanted on making new paintings.  Between the AC not working and a vile stomach flu, it wasnt in the cards for July.  But August wont slip away!   

If you have any requests, suggestions, things you'd love to see me to draw then post it here! I will use suggestions in my daily "What should I sketch now..." monologue.

Thank you all! <3