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July 2015 PIGSquad Talent Talks
Last week, we hosted our second "Talent Talks," crossing elements of a talent show or lightning talk in an evening of tutorials, showcases, lectures – you name it! There were some seriously interesting takes on some seriously desirable topics from our community, and I'm supper happy to have been a part of it.

The presentations (as listed by cool title) included:
• Grassroots Marketing: Indie Game Events, Cons, and Expos
• Sandcastles and Waves: The Fear of Starting Over
• Check out Oregon Story Board!
• Game Jams: A Pre-Mortem
• Game Education: Make-a-Screenshot Activity
• A Digestible Take on Numbers, Scope, Publishers, and Investors
• An Animator on Twitch

Kind of awesome that all of these are generally following themes surrounding taking your development to the next level, including sharing your work, how to discuss "next steps" for yourself creatively or financially, and how to carry yourself when interacting with other organizations and people. Sounds like a lot of people got what they needed from these topics, and I see the same need: it's refreshing to see some more "serious topics" covered in the sharing aspect of game or general creative development.

We'll definitely be doing another Talent Talks within the next couple of months. To occupy everyone until then, we're working on a YouTube channel (check out our first video pertaining to the upcoming Drink 'n Draw and XO Kickstarter Launch), and I hope to have these talks uploaded in the foreseeable future. We're also working with Intel on streaming our events for the "intelgamedev" Twitch channel, so Talent Talks will likely appear there next time, too.

Actually, we're doing our first stream tonight at the first Summer Slow Jams 2 workshop, so tune in to watch us bumble our way through equipment setup :3 If not, hope to see you there, at our workshop tomorrow, or at the Drink 'n Draw next week!