July 2016 Giveaway
Hello everyone! As promised we have added new prizes to the prize pack to make this month's July giveaway even bigger!!!!

Patrons pledging $3 or more are eligible to participate in our giveaway raffle.

We know we are a new page and we would like at least 5 patrons participating to make this raffle happen but we're not losing hope!

Please help us out by sharing our page.

If we get 5 patrons to sign on this month we are going to have an awesome raffle and give away these sweet prizes to one lucky Patreon!

But If We do not reach our 5 patron goal we will just continue to add prizes to the prize pack every month making it bigger and bigger and just keep going!

we hope you choose to participate in our giveaway!

Thank you so much for your support!

Simone & Jareb