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You can take heart in knowing that you're helping me to create games and fiction for us all to hide in. You deserve to be filled with warm and fuzzy feelings! Heck, they can be cold and scaly feelings if you like, I won't judge.
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Donating at this tier gets you a personalized handwritten letter from myself or any of my fiction characters you'd prefer, thanking you for your contribution.
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At this tier, you're helping drive the creations forward. You can choose a topic to discuss; ranging from advice on roleplaying, a subject for a piece of short fiction, or other discussion on the state of gaming in general.
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If you're choosing to donate at this level, you're choosing to invest in furthering my writing on gaming and fiction not only for yourself but for others. You'll receive a customized certificate declaring you an official Envoy of Escapism and granting you access to monthly web meetups to discuss gaming/fiction with topics decided by you, the Envoys.
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