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Bragging rights. Imagine in a few years from now when I'm super famous and you get to brag to your friend and be like "Hey, I was one of those guys that helped him get into a situation where he could stop working shitty retail jobs." and they're like "Nuh-uh, fool. He's way too cool to have ever been associated witchyo white ass." and then you get to spend 28 minutes searching through years worth of old e-mails to finally find your electronic receipt and be like "BITCH I GAVE HIM A WHOLE DOLLAR NOW GET OUTTA MY BED!" as they weep with the lack of satisfaction that one could only attain by becoming a YMS patron.
(Bonus bragging rights if you have more than 1 friend)
By pledging $1 or more, your name will appear in the end credits to certain reviews so long as you are currently a patron when that review is made.
I hope you can read
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Access to monthly scans of my incredibly messy notes for my YMS reviews. If there is a particular month where I don't have any notes to scan, I will draw you a picture or scan something else that I've made.
Google Hangout bois
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Each previously mentioned perk, 
Access to a monthly Google Hangout with me where we can chat about whatever you want for 1-3 hours. Next one will be Saturday September 22nd at 1:00PM (Pacific Time). Invites will be sent via Patreon inbox or posted in the Patreon feed. Hangouts will be live-streamed to my vlog channel.
I send you things
$50 or more per month 14 patrons
Each previously mentioned perk, 
Receive a personal 'thank you' note, as well as a physical movie ticket from the exact showing of a film I have watched in theatres. I've kept all of my movie tickets throughout the years and you can have one mailed to your address! I will also sign the ticket and include any requests made within reason.

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