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Naples Yellow
$1 or more per month 49 patrons
  • Protection against the zombie virus:  In the event of a zombie apocalypse I guarantee your immunity against the zombie virus. That's right, not only can you help support my art channel, you get guaranteed virus protection for WAY cheaper than the pharmaceutical companies are sure to be charging you. No needles are involved. I promise . 
Phthalo Green
$4 or more per month 1623 patrons
  • all previous rewards  
  • Slower painting and drawing videos: Instant access to my patreon feed where you will get weekly Wednesday videos slowed down from the published 5 min video to an hour or more long each. This adds up to four of these slower videos each month! FOUR!!! I can feel your excitement from here. As of July 1st, 2015 every new weekly video will include voiceover tips and instructions! 
  • 5 Reference Photos: Each month you will get a set of 5 high resolution reference photos that you can use in your own artwork! These photos will be taken by me and will mostly be of wildlife. They are royalty free so you can sell your originals or make prints of the artwork you create from them! 

Phthalo Blue
$9 or more per month 591 patrons
  • all previous rewards  
  • Monthly thank you post cards printed with my own paintings on the front.  
  • Monthly art challenge  Participate in a monthly art challenge designed to help you grow as an artist. Want extra advice on your art challenge painting or drawing? You will have access to a private facebook group only open for those participating in the challenge where you can post photos of your work in progress and/or ask me questions on your piece.   You can then choose to have your challenge painting or drawing included shared in a monthly artist vlog. 
  • An additional 5 Reference photos...that makes 10 total!  

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