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Supporting MSF
$1 or more per creation 17 patrons
Firstly, a huge thanks for helping support this channel:

  • Join my Patreon only Discord page and engage in regular conversations with me about film. 
  • You will also have access to 5 private videos shown in my Patreon trailer which cover my book collection, office tour, and various Q + A's. 
Includes Discord rewards
Extra Content
$3 or more per creation 1 patron
In addition to my Discord page and 5 private videos you'll get:

  • A Video Essay Tutorial that takes you step-by-step through my creative process as I make a new video, from beginning to end. This vlog style video covers the creation of my 'Phantom Thread' video. 
Includes Discord rewards
Early Access
$5 or more per creation 3 patrons
In addition to my Discord page, 5 private videos and Video Essay Tutorial, you will be get:

  • Early access to all new videos. I will send you the unlisted link to watch and comment the day before it comes out. 

Includes Discord rewards
Join a Monthly Google Hangout
$10 or more per creation 5 patrons
In addition to all other rewards you will be invited to:

  • A monthly Google Hangout where we discuss film, narrative, filmmaking, Q + A and anything you want. The hangouts are on the last Sunday of the month at 7pm UK time and usually last for at least an hour. 
Includes Discord rewards
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