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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Loves The Color Amber
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Just want to support the Basic Income Patreon Pledge? This is the tier specifically for those who won't mind their support going to other patrons once I reach my Pledge goal. All in the name of Basic Income.
Rainbow Reader
$10 or more per month 0 patrons
You'll get an e-mail for opt-in access to the private novel draft website where you can:

  • read the chapter drafts and offer feedback,
  • ask questions about the plot or writing in general, and
  • express disapproval at my love of ellipses.

Updates regularly (perhaps too regularly). I'll try to keep you all in the loop of changes here, on my main website, and on the novel site itself. You will need a Wordpress account to become a reader.

*This tier is for novel support only; funds will not go toward the Basic Income Patreon Pledge.

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