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Once a month, I will write you an original English-language-approximation haiku (or senryu) on the topic(s) of your choosing! Keep in mind, I am a horror writer ;)

Here are some sample haikus on various topics:

On the harrowing month of February in Boston:

This February
Oh my god oh my god, fuck
Someone please help us

Snow banks nine feet tall
The Seventh Seal is Silence
Deeper than the cold

We did this to us
Mother Nature closes in
Climate change is real

All hope abandon
Society is over
Why keep up the ruse

Little snow gremlins
Hatefully bury my car
Fuck you, snow gremlins

Showering? No, nope
That would air-expose my skin
Much too cold for that

Frozen nightmare world
What are we even doing?
Scotty, beam us up

Haunted by one phrase
"It's summer in Australia"
My despair mantra

(Photo by way of WCVB Channel 5 Boston)

On Leonard Nimoy's passing:
So much Spock sadness
Time now to rejoin the stars
Journey on in love

On the Oscars:
The Oscars are lame
Dresses cost more than my car
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