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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Thank you very much. We'll be keeping in touch with all our patreons, letting you know everything we're doing. And having fun while doing it too. Even let you know who we hired on.
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Really? Thank you. Here's a copy of any of our original games that were creating. I mean, at this point, if your a Patron and paying THIS much... which is pretty much the MAXIMUM amount we'd charge for ANY of our games. You might as well get a serial key for your troubles. I mean, anything less would be messed up!
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Yeah, I'm still working on the rewards here, but if your willing to pledge this amount. It means your SERIOUS about diversity in gaming and not just about blowing hot air. And I appreciate that. What we will do, is put you in the credits of our games..... We'll figure something else out later. I promise.
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