July 2016 patron supported
Thank you so much for the support this month!
Tier Benefits
Be Heard!
$1 or more per creation
Be invited to my Discord and you get to vote on Patreon-only Song Request polls! You'll also get to see my videos as soon as they're posted to YouTube as a sneak preview BEFORE I make them public.
Includes Discord rewards
Free Song Club Represent!
$2 or more per creation
You've unlocked access to unpublished free songs, a Patreon member role in my Discord group, previews of YouTube videos before they're released (so you can be first to comment!) and be notified of my livestream schedule on Live.me and YouTube! I'll also list any $2 tier pledges NAMES through 2018 on each major music video, but this offer ends in 2019!
Includes Discord rewards
Silent Hero
$5 or more per creation
No Rewards or Shout Outs. Just here to show support! 
Karaoke King and Queen
$5 or more per creation
All lower tier rewards plus access to free karaoke tracks from my YouTube music videos! This includes songs not available on iTunes or Spotify.
Includes Discord rewards
Osorio Fam
$10 or more per creation
Previous rewards, plus a free song request every time you come into one of my livestreams, AND I'll follow you on Twitter (After 3 paid months). Say hi! @MichelleOsorioM
Includes Discord rewards
Video Shout Out and Monthly Chat
$20 or more per creation
Lower tier rewards PLUS I will shout you out by name in one major YouTube music video per year (between 10-12 months after your support at this level begins), AND add you to my Discord VIP group where I do exclusive voice (and sometimes video) chat group calls once per month. I want this to be a cozy chat, so this tier is limited.
Includes Discord rewards
I'll promote your channel
$50 or more per creation
Previous rewards, PLUS after 6 months of support you will be mentioned verbally by name OR YouTube channel, OR Instagram (your choice) in one major music video on YouTube per month. ALSO I will link your YouTube channel or Insta (only one) at the bottom of the video description for as long as you're a patron at this tier (please message me with your YouTube link). This EXCLUSIVE reward is LIMITED to 4 patrons.
Includes Discord rewards
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