July 2016 Newsletter -- True Freedom; Thoughts on Money; Creating Content Naturally
Here are my best recent posts.  Enjoy!

Thoughts on Money + 2 Milestones Reached.  More than ever, I believe that money can be transitioned from a legal (and often uncaring) transaction, towards a real energetic exchange of support and, dare I say, love.  continue reading...

True Freedom -- Inner and Outer.  I've been experiencing inner and outer freedom at a new level recently.
The inner freedom comes from remembering the eternal sufficiency of the Soul.
The outer freedom comes from re-connecting, with more care, to my Community.
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When you're stuck...  Whenever you're feeling stuck on a project, remember this: you need to change the context of your subconscious mind.  Some ideas for how to do this: walk around the room, take some deep breaths, get a drink, set a timer.  Continue reading...

Create content naturally.  People thrive in a different environments when it comes to thinking / writing / talking / creating.  In this post I share 5 ways that have worked especially well for me and my clients.  Read it here.

Ask and receive.  When was the last time you asked your network what they believe you do in your work?  Every time I've asked this, it has given me good ideas, and more importantly, allowed me to reconnect to thoughtful people who become referral partners or clients.  Read about this method here.

Rapid life learning.  If you care to learn and grow quickly, without wasting years or decades, then you need to be wiling to pause, observe, and experiment more often.  I offer you two simple questions to do this: learn it here.

Avoid large failures by seeking small setbacks.  Having had a successful business for 7 years, and coached hundreds of other entrepreneurs, here's a consistent mistake I've seen: People make big bets too early on in their business.  Big bets usually lead to big failures, which then discourage the entrepreneur so much that they tend to quit.  Continue reading...


For those interested in my work: I have recently revamped my service offerings.

Until next month, may you experience greater freedom and strength in your meaningful work.

~ George Kao