July 2017: Reward summary + giveaway winner
July short summary :D

 Main theme for this month: YUNA BERSERKER from FFX2

-> Skype chat -> info here (31st July)

-> Polaroid: Yuna 

-> Giveaway: Yuna A5 print

 -> Preview: Yuna: 1  2 3 4  // Kotori 1 2 // Yoko 1 2 // Maki 1 

-> Backstage: Yuna // video coming soon

-> Wallpaper: Yuna (link via message) - the most liked horizontal photo

-> Selfie: Ayanami swimsuit 

-> WIP: raven

-> Tutorial: Yuna armor (repost) + PDF by email full detailed tutorial (be patient pls)

-> private groups: facebook  + telegram (+gif)

 -> Signed Prints Yuna Berserker 

There are other contents of course, just check my post list here ^_^

GIVEAWAY WINNER:  Diego Civetta! Please provide me your address 'cause I haven't it in your patron details!

Thank you for your support, it doesn't matter how much is your pledge, I really appreciate that you're here for me <3

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