July 2018 Chibi Contest Reward!
Here is the last monthly Studio Mikarts Patreon chibi reward.  Starting in August, the entire focus of this page will be sharply honed in on illustration and fine art, with a simpler rewards system that is based on the completion of new works.  Either way, the monthly chibi wasn't going to be able to last, since I learned that contests as rewards are against Patreon rules.  It's almost lucky that Sarah was my only supporter all this time; it never really got to be a true contest since there was always just one participant, lol.

For July's chibi, I got to draw another Angel Reaper character!  This time it was Icys.  I'm not as familiar with her, so I kept being confused by her name during my creation livestream and saying she has ice powers, when it is water powers that she possesses!  I'm extremely happy with how she turned out~

By the way, although this is the last tier-based chibi reward I will be making, next week I will be fulfilling one more chibi reward for my newest patron, Eric.  He signed up before I ended the limited-time offer wherein new supporters at any level get a chibi caricature of their choice.  So please look forward to that!