July 2018 Pin-up- MGP into Villain-in-Distress crossover: Arrest Policy
Let's all face it, Robynne makes a rather fetching femme-fatale. But alas, her criminal ways have come to an end as she has been apprehended by the heroic Tanya!

I love this picture for so many reasons. First, Pip drew it and nailed it. I especially love the touch of Robynne's ponytail being over her shoulder and looking haggard like she lost a fight. Second, I love the role-reversal of who is the villain and who is the heroine. And third, I love the look Pip gave for both girls. They fell very golden-age in design to me, especially Tanya's outfit.

I was going to give both of them a hero and villain name but then decided why should i take the fun from you? What do you think Robynne's retro-villainess name be and what shoudl Tanya's classic heroine name be?