July 5th Update

So, of course, the biggest piece of news this week was the release of Carthaginia's mini-episode.

I'm planning to do two more updates to it; for the express purpose of power-gaming Steam's visibility algorithm, but also to give everyone a bit more content to make it worth it's price tag. (Three whole dollars. Steep as hell I know, but I was just really insecure over paywalling something that short, but it was a lot more expensive to make than Margarita's mini due to the production values on the artwork, so I need to recoup the costs a bit.) The script and art for those updates are currently a work-in-progress. The Script for part 2 is almost done, just needs editing. (and art of course) I'll keep the contents a secret for now, but I'll mention that Gerty will make his appearance and have some dialogue.

I've been poking around and recruiting animators for a new upcoming project. Mana Maze didn't quite work out but I think I'm about ready to seriously tackle a new adult action game. I'm not quite ready to show the prototypes yet though. But hopefully soon?

As for A Midsummer Night's Barcrawl, the main route into the normal ending script is done, as is the 2nd route into the "bad" ending. there's still two more left. We did get some snazzy alternate outfits finished though, so there's that.

Currently in the process of getting some scripts written for new Mini-episodes.
I'm aiming to release Amaryllis's finished episode, and a whole new mini-episode, and a public demo of that action game by the end of the year. Possibly more but those first and I'll see how much time I actually have left. If any. 

I'm just glad to be back in the swing of actually making and releasing content after 2020 kicked me down. 

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