July Bust Collection
Another month, another set of busts done. The top left and right pieces are part of why I've been stalling on Welcome to the Universe: I never got far enough in any of the Cordette-including iterations to have costume designs for them, so I needed Lexi to help me come up with looks for Aura (left) and Aphrodesia (right). Now that she has - and Harmony is in progress - I can continue. Bottom left is Sorcha Rife of Harry Potter and the Cliché Stew; we've actually already had someone begin tinkering with the paint and makeup necessary to bring Sorcha to life, so that could get interesting soon. And lastly, we have Sam Carter circa her first Snake Charming makeover and... proof that you should never, ever use a cell phone to take pictures of a prop for reference purposes. I've had a few people comment that it looks distinctly phallic; that's the result of Kat having a friend user her iPhone to take a picture of her in that pose with her zat prop. Proportions got jacked by the short focal length, but given that it was 3D printed off a scan of a licensed prop, Lexi assumed things were accurate enough and ran with it. Whoops. Next time, I'll do things myself. -.-