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July Creation: Cover of 'Falling Slowly' by Glen Hansard
Dear friends As you know I broke my hand recently (good news it's healing well and I should be playing again in a few months), so it's kinda hard for me to write any new music at the moment! I decided on this video as this month's creation as it is one of the most special moments I've experienced in my musical life. Just before I broke my hand I began singing with my new friend Yana and a lovely person recorded us singing at this show. When we sing together it feels like puzzle pieces falling into place, like the calm after the storm, like waking up on my birthday morning, like cuddling in front of a fire when the rain is pounding the roof. Haha, ok, enough rambling, but she's a great friend and I'm honoured to sing with her is what I'm trying to say. Hope it's ok that I share this as this month's creation, and knowing you all as I do I'm sure you're gonna love it :) Big big biiiiiiiig hugs to all of you beautiful people. Love Nate PS: Please share this with all your friends on twitter, facebook, etc by clicking the share buttons :).
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