July Doodles
There were a lot of them in July, including a lot of weird Kool-Aid Mans... Kool-Aid Men?
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Instant Coffee
$1 or more per month 48 patrons
For pledging a dollar, you get a HUGE THANK YOU!! Plus, the knowledge that you are keeping me properly caffeinated and new art every month in the form of a monthly wallpaper!
Frothy Latte
$3 or more per month 38 patrons
A $3 pledge gets you:
  • Eternal gratitude!
  • Access to the PATRON-ONLY FEED where I'll be posting sketches, inspiration, character designs and WIP pages of the comics!
  • Livestream doodle suggestions!
  • Monthly wallpapers!
Secret Mocha Recipe
$5 or more per month 34 patrons
Five bucks gets you:
  • Everything from the $3 tier plus...
  • The SUPER SECRET SPOILER BLOG, where I'll be posting work I don't share anywhere else: comic pages in progress, sketches from side projects, concept art, periodic PSDs, things not meant for the eyes of humankind...
  • EARLY PAGES! Get em fresh, they'll go up on Patreon first!
Saucy Poutine
$10 or more per month 14 patrons
Yes, I know it's not coffee but this saucy tier comes with:  
  • everything from previous tiers, all the access to all the bonus stuff and early pages!
  • plus: a mildly suggestive eyebrow wiggle and...
  • Monthly pin-ups and pin-up character suggestions! I'm working on a sketchbook of webcomic pin-ups and you lucky patrons will be able to get it first, and have a hand in putting it together!
Cameo Macchiato
$20 or more per month 6 patrons
A $20 pledge gets you:
  • Everything from previous tiers, including all access, early pages and suggestive bits!
  • A CAMEO in one of my comics! Shattered Starlight needs random passerby to fill its monster-infested Montreal, and Fey Winds is always on the lookout for fantasy adventurers! Send me a selfie for Starlight or a fave D&D character and they'll turn up in a crowd, a market or a battle!
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