July eBook Cover Reveal
The eBook for all SPECTATOR, GROUPIE and ROADIE patrons has launched - and it's a creepy one! Not that you would expect anything different from me - but it's creepy just the same. The Lockwood Collection was originally published in the Scroll of Anubis anthology from Library of Horror Press but now you can read it in eBook format. ========================= ABOUT THE LOCKWOOD COLLECTION After struggling artist Regan Lockwood receives a mysterious gift from her father, her work begins to take on a horrifying tone. Terrified of this darker side and her unraveling sanity, Regan is forced to confront her father and unearths a decades-old secret from her family’s past. ========================= This time, I had an exact idea of how I wanted the cover to look. My graphic design skills are all self-taught, and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to translate my idea into a killer cover, but I searched around online for a few tutorials and using various images, filters, effects (not to mention a bunch of failed attempts and a number of days debating whether I should even attempt it at all, I came up with a cover that looks pretty cool and gives a great hint at the story inside. So, there you have it! The latest short horror eBook is available at http://maryrajotte.com/blog/works/! I know you'll love it & I would be thrilled if you picked up a copy! You can grab yours on my website or get extra perks by becoming one of my patrons (support starts at just $1 per month and you can cancel anytime). And stay tuned for more info on the story behind the story and how you may be seeing more of Regan Lockwood in the near future...
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