July: Finally a Plausible Excuse for Continuous Sweating
Aloha surfer dunes and bikini atolls! The white-hot claws of summer have once again latched themselves into neck mound of the Mestern Hemispore.  And inside the steely, meat-lined sweathouse that is the Podchamber we couldn't be happier! This special time of year is when I get to doff my scholarly roberuhs and flounce about, airing out all of my flaps and pocket-rudders. I'm like a beef oragami, you see.

What news, good fellow?

Legendary Englishman Grant Howitt returns for Episode 2 of Rue Britannia this month. Currently growing stronger in its incubation sock, this episode will be delivered screaming unto the world on July 15th for the listening pleasure of readers everywhere. In spite of  being sad about the Brexit, Grant's noble heart compelled him to offer a free gift to listeners of Rue Britannia ep. 2. WHAT IS THIS GIFT?! HOW CAN GET?! Listen to the (entire) episode and find out!

"A penguin is a bird that cannot fly. I am a  VIDEO [ed.]. I have a name!" 

The Patreon reward video y'all unlocked now has a title - "One Word at a Time". It also has a title sequence, an intro from Dottore, and an ending sequence. The bread and mustard of this video are all laid out, now they just need the bologna of some thoughtfully edited BPC recording footage. It is a slow sandwich to craft, but it will be worth it. Like raising a child. For meat.


Cthulhu Part Thwolhu

Patrons at the Masterate of Science level now have access to the second chapter of my absurdly funny, eerily poetic, and legally dubious retelling of The Call of Cthulhu! If you are a Scientist or Reader level Patron you might consider hopping up a level so you can grab these sweet prizes. You can always shift gears back to your comfortable level once you've DRAINED ALL THE LIFE FROM MY EXSANGUINATED CORPSE! j/k dog. I like making this funny stuff. And I want lots of people to enjoy it. Except for my roommate. F that guy.


You are my skeleton,

Dottore Balordo (MoS)